To be the leading provider

 of Software and Consultancy 

Where we empower businesses and software engineers to innovate, strategize, and shape the future of technology.


Welcome to The Dev Dynasty LLC, where we empower businesses and software engineers to innovate, strategize, and shape the future of technology. Our mission is to foster a community of lifelong learners in software engineering, providing comprehensive resources and guidance for engineers at all skill levels to excel in their careers and adapt to technological advancements.

The Vision

We aim to become the leading provider of software education and consultancy services, recognized for transforming the capabilities of individuals and organizations in the tech industry. By teaching, caring for, and developing people, we strive to make a significant impact on the future of technology.

Our Story

Founded by an expert in software engineering with a distinguished military background in communication and software systems, The Dev Dynasty LLC combines the rigorous principles of leadership, strategic thinking, resilience, adaptability, and teamwork. These values, ingrained through military training, form the backbone of our educational and consultancy approach, fostering a disciplined mindset that ensures high-quality solutions and consistent results.

What We Offer

Online Courses: 
Specialized courses in software development technologies and methodologies, ranging from basic programming fundamentals to advanced software engineering techniques.

Tailored consulting services to optimize software development practices and project management for businesses.

Speaking Engagements: 
Leadership in thought-provoking discussions, keynotes, and workshops at industry events focusing on innovation and future technology trends.

Local Courses:
Hands-on learning experiences and events conducted in Austin, TX.

Tailored Software Solutions
Custom software development services are designed to meet the specific needs of businesses. Our solutions are crafted to enhance efficiency, improve user experience, and drive innovation, ensuring that your technology infrastructure aligns perfectly with your business goals.

Our Unique Approach

At The Dev Dynasty LLC, we believe that technical expertise alone is not enough. Our learning environment prioritizes both technical knowledge and essential soft skills, ensuring long-term success in the tech field. This dual focus sets us apart, making us a beacon for aspiring and established software engineers seeking to excel in this dynamic world.

Military and Veteran Outreach

Understanding the unique challenges and strengths of veterans transitioning into civilian careers, we are committed to harnessing the exceptional skills and perspectives of military service members for the tech industry. Our veteran-centric educational programs, transition support, and community-building initiatives are designed to facilitate a smooth transition and highlight the achievements of veterans in the tech sector.

Get Unstuck:

Stop wasting time on inefficient processes. Pinpoint bottlenecks and implement solutions tailored to your team.

Build with Confidence:

Ensure your development practices align with your business goals. Validate your approach early to avoid costly backtracking.

Targeted Training:

Not just teaching theory. Get tailored Java/Spring Boot/React training for your team, customized to your existing projects and skill levels.

Helping Small Businesses Deliver High-Quality Software, Faster

As a seasoned software engineer and founder of The Dev Dynasty, LLC, I'm passionate about leveling up small businesses through practical training and targeted consulting. I specialize in Agile, Java, Spring Boot, React, and optimizing development processes. Whether you're struggling with inefficient workflows or need to build a modern tech stack, let's turn your software into a competitive advantage.

Joshua Matos

ceo, Founder the Dev Dynasty, LLC