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One-on-one Consulting

Accelerate your tech team's proficiency with focused, customized training. Unlike generic courses, The Dev Dynasty's consultancy offers hands-on, adaptable sessions aligned to your specific business needs. Maximize your software investment and achieve rapid results through our veteran-led, results-driven methods.

Our training combines:

Practical, hands-on sessions for immediate application within your teams. Structured, goal-oriented approach ensuring efficient learning and tangible outcomes. Customization to your software stack, ensuring relevance and maximizing impact. Detailed instructional materials, supporting continued learning after sessions conclude.

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Ready to Build Better Software?

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Software Success for Small Teams

Find the right software development practices to solve your team's unique challenges. Get a guide that will help you through agile adoption, efficient coding, and scaling issues, so you build better software faster. Before a single line is written, get clarity on the best path forward, saving time and money.

Get Unstuck:

Stop wasting time on inefficient processes. Pinpoint bottlenecks and implement solutions tailored to your team.

Build with Confidence:

Ensure your development practices align with your business goals. Validate your approach early to avoid costly backtracking.

Targeted Training:

 Not just teaching theory. Get tailored Java/Spring Boot/React training for your team, customized to your existing projects and skill levels.

Process Problem-Solving:

Get an analysis of your current workflows, from brainstorming to deployment. Eliminate bottlenecks and improve collaboration across your team.

End-to-End Support:

More than just consultants, let's be partners. Get assistance with product discovery, scoping, stakeholder management, and ongoing maintenance.

Results-Focused Development:

Ensure your time and budget translate into working software. Build robust, well-tested products that solve real customer needs.

Helping Small Businesses Deliver High-Quality Software, Faster

As a seasoned software engineer and founder of The Dev Dynasty, LLC, I'm passionate about leveling up small businesses through practical training and targeted consulting. I specialize in Agile, Java, Spring Boot, React, and optimizing development processes. Whether you're struggling with inefficient workflows or need to build a modern tech stack, let's turn your software into a competitive advantage.

Joshua Matos

ceo, Founder the Dev Dynasty, LLC